Standing out from the crowd!

 Small Garden Design: Be Bold


palm trees  palms in front with big n red


These are lovely palm trees, healthy, tall and a really nice group, but is the best being made of them. They undeniably stand out and demand to be looked at, but does the ‘background scenery’ enhance or diminish their impact

To me, they appear out of place, palm trees don’t really grow up out of lush green lawns, to me, palms envoke ‘holiday, beach, sunshine, warmth‘ thoughts, so I think they would look even more dramatic if I recreate that here.

The plants used are all from the Big & Red & Hot PlantPlot scheme, the palm leaf shape is echoed with the phormiums, you have big tall pokers in an reddy/orange and really warm dark red flowers lower down. It is not a design for those houses that want to blend in with the rest, but plant this design and you can guarantee your house get’s noticed!

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