Small garden design ideas

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Small garden design ideas :

How to breathe new life into a garden

Change is good, it is interesting and creates a sense of expectation; what will happen next? It is easy to get stuck in a rut with any garden, it ends up looking the same year after year, so every now and again, every garden needs a shake up. See more small garden design ideas created by us

Take some time to think through how the garden gets used, and whether the layout is still right for how you want to use the space. The best way to think about it is in the same way as you would plan redecorating the house.

If you are buying new furniture, where does it fit in the best, what colours would the carpet and walls be, how do you want the room to make you feel and so on.

The same principles apply in a garden, in this case, the new furniture was going to be a lovely potting shed for this keen garden owner. They wanted the new layout to be more interesting, as well as finding a good space for the potting shed, making it part of the design layout.

A great tip for really small garden spaces is to use tall structures, like pergolas to grow plants over, this ensure the 3D space of the garden is used more effectively and because you are packing more plants into the garden, the fences become less obvious which makes any small garden feel a bit bigger than it really is.

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Designing a garden is not easy if you aren’t an expert gardener. This design was created without the need for site visits. All this lovely customer did was send a few photos and some measurements. After a couple of weeks, they now have a comprehensive garden design plan detailing how to make the garden.

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So it won’t matter if it takes 2 months or 2 years to finish – you will have a plan to help you all the way.

Creating the garden of your dreams is now possible.

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