Sick Looking Plants


Sick looking plants

Plants begin to look ill and rather unhappy for a variety of reasons. Diseases and viruses or simply malnutrition will turn your plants yellow, cause them to droop and the leaves to fall off. Sick looking plants are made better by having the right environment in which the plant will thrive.

Plants just like the rest of us, need a little nourishment, the best long term method is to add well rotted compost and or manure to your soil each year, to keep plants healthy and better able to withstand any bug or disease attack.

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Nutrient deficiencies:

Plants cannot thrive if the soil is lacking enough food, the most common food deficiencies are shown below. If you want to add feed to the plants then a standard all round plant food will probably sort out most problems, but never be tempted to ‘beef up the solution’ to get your plants going faster – it only leaves them hungover! So always stick to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Diseases and viruses can also afflict your plants, this is not a comprehensive list of everything your plant could suffer from, but these are the more common problems.

Prevention is also the best cure, so ensure you clear away old debris and leaves from your plants, ensure good air circulation and enrich the soil. You will not be able to stop some of your plants getting diseases some of the time, but a good rich soil and healthy plant conditions will ensure that most of your plants can survive.  Some diseases are harder to control though, so if you need further advice get in touch with us.

Developing a healthy ecosystem in your garden is also a great way to minimise the effects of diseases and bug attacks. The garden finds it’s own balance between prey and predator. Disease are less destructive if the plants are strong, well fed and healthy.

Developing a balanced eco-sytem takes time, but it is well worth the effort. Your garden will be better looking more vibrant and full of life and you won’t have sick looking plants!

Ensure your garden has a good ecosystem – plant lots of varieties of insect friendly flowers through the year.

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