Scale and Perspective

Small Garden Design, Don’t be flat, fill the space visually


Too many small gardens are flat, now there isn’t a problem with flat gardens, it’s just that with a little more thought and planning, your garden could look a whole load better!


I fully accept that a lot of people do not know much about plants and quite often this leads to this problem, as plants grow and change shape, so you need to imagine the size in a few years before you plant anything, which is difficult I know.  The most common ‘error’ is usually with regard to  height. 


Lilac patch


Many gardens have a square lawn which fills the area bar a few thin strips round the edges, and in those thin strips of soil tiny little plants that grow 10cm high are planted, generally in straight lines along the edges, all you ‘see’ is flat ground and the fences and walls.


Pretty front garden


In this garden, the owner has created a different focal point, the path, so your eye is drawn away from driveway/wall, and instead looks to the pergola and the yuccas and trees, which is much nicer, and they haven’t used tall plants for most of the garden. So, by varying plant heights and making sure your eye has something to follow, it is easy to create a more stunning design.



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