Scented Plants : Sarcococca Confusa

I don’t know why the trend in gardening over the years has been for really showy flowers with frilly bits and a multitude of colours but not much else – when one of the greatest pleasures anyone can have is walking up a drive and getting your nose assaulted by the most wonderful smells!


A flower that is all bling but no scent, is a bit like walking into a sweetie shop and realising all the goodies are made of wax – why have no smell! Sarcococca (and you want the ‘Confusa’ variety) is a glossy dark green shrub that is tough as old boots. It practically grows anywhere, you can grow annuals through it, it won’t mind – but boy oh boy, come the winter you will wonder why you have never had one before.

Who needs scented candles – a couple of sprigs in the house and you will feel happy all day long!



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