I know what I want, but I need a little help planning


Gardens can be improved simply by ‘rearranging the furniture’. 

You don’t even have to be using one of our ready made designs, (we’ll forgive you for that!), but if you’d like some simple advice on what to move and how you could improve the garden – just fill out the form and we’ll come back to you with our best ideas.

Mrs M - Wilts

For this service PlantPlot charges £35 per plan for areas up to 4 m sq

(For areas over 4m sq please contact us for a price)

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Here It Is

Gardens can be improved simply by ‘rearranging the furniture’. 

This is a totally unique service (as far as we know) – a design company that helps you ‘rearrange your garden’ using what you have.

See the type of thing we do with our mini-makeovers, if you need any or advice please get in touch enquiries@plantplots.com