Pets – and their bad garden habits!

The closest thing I come to pet ownership is a topiary leopard

See what it is yet?

Ingwe @ 6 months


She’s nearly a fully grown feline!


As a nation though, we own millions of pets, with cats and dogs being the most common, and how could you fail to find this little chappie gorgeous? However, lovely cats and dogs are, they do have an impact in the garden. If they are your own pet, then you probably don’t mind too much, but it can be annoying if other pets leave their calling cards in your garden.





Sadly, irresponsible dog owners who do not clean up after their pets will be a difficult problem to tackle, but not entirely unresolvable. When I was younger, we had a real problem with dog mess along our hedge, the solution, the clippings from the holly bush tucked into the base and a healthy dose of tiger poo got from the local zoo! It was a brave dog who ‘messed’ on the territory of that big cat!


Cats are more territorial in their roamings, but if they like your garden it is possibly because the hunting is good.  Cats are responsible for millions of bird deaths a year, which would be OK as it’s a totally natural instinct, but as most cats get fed once a day, they are being a little greedy!  So to protect birds, try not to put food out on low feeders or feeders where a cat can jump up. Also if owners put lovely tinkly bells on cats collars…….


The other great ‘poo’ culprit are foxes, and you really can’t mistake that stuff – goodness does it smell awful, but again there is a remedy (based on an old wives tale) and I shan’t confirm if it has been trialled at home. But foxes follow the same trail through the garden usually, and poo mark on top of something (to ensure a good wafting of said perfume).

Apparently adult male urine indicates to a fox the presence of a larger adversary and the theory is they will move elsewhere rather than enter the territory of that male. So if said wee is ‘scent marked’ where the fox normally enters, it may be discouraged. There so now you know, old wives tale or not?