I’d like a little more privacy please

We all love our neighbours – obviously, but maybe you’d like a little more garden privacy?


You probably don’t really want to be able to look straight into my neighbours garden as much as they probably think the same, so we all put in a fence or a hedge that affords us both some privacy.



No problem there really, but all too easily these hedges become big dense evergreen barriers that block out light, and out-compete smaller plants around them so what you end up with is a something not very attractive for both you and your neighbours to look at every day either.



So let’s throw out the dark green barrier mentality and look to other plants that provide you with just as much privacy, but look so much nicer for you to look at as well. Many of or designs can be used in place of the big dark green barrier. They may not offer quite total privacy, but they will all look a whole lot nicer than a plain old hedge!


Wood-glow-txtwinter warmerstowerssensual pimmsgiant gardengiant - shadefountains FF Hedges 1 FF Hedges 2FF Hedges 3 FF Hedges 4

Be inventive, grow climbers through plants for more interest. Use plants that move and sway in the wind, Use colours other than green!

Why not use plants like these….but for more great ideas have a look here!

clematis rouge flower DSCF7828 Mahonia media winter sun berberis shrub


sarcococca flowers (2) Miscanthus sinensis Rigoletto Panicum Viigatum Northwind Calamagrostis Brachytricha


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