My lawn is mostly weeds!

Is your lawn mostly weeds – and you don’t know why?

Weeds thrive just about everywhere, and seem to fare really well where plants you want don’t, this is not because they are superweeds, it’s more that the plants you want are usually less robust and need more careful nurturing to be able to compete with their tougher companions.


So the plan is twofold, firstly you do need to get rid of the weeds as much as possible, so that the grass has less competition, and secondly you need to boost the grasses ability to grow and compete with their rougher companions!




In the lawn you need to remove weeds, you can apply a weed/moss killer to get started (I know it’s patronising to say follow the manufacturer instructions…but you would be amazed at how daft some people can be), however, some weeds need to be dug out if they are larger.


Then concentrate on the grass. Improve the ground and the grass will grow better.

So ensure you scarify (rake out the dead grass bits each year), this allows light to the base of the grass allowing it to grow better.

Aerate the soil, especially if you walk on the lawn a lot, this improves drainage and helps the roots grow.

Feed the grass, using an appropriate fertiliser.

Condition the soil, using ground conditioner, basically you brush this all over the grass (it does look a little messy to start with) but the worms and rain then works the conditioner into the soil. This adds fibre to the soil so stopping the ground squashing down so much, the roots struggle to grow.

Mow regularly, but raise the cutter height  – only cricket pitches need 1/2 inch long grass!

And lastly, if you have large branches or shrubs that overhang the lawn, cut them back as far as possible to allow more light down onto the grass.


Now having done all that, your lawn won’t look quite like as manicured as an Oxford University quadrangle, but it will look a whole lot better than it did!