Pot Collections!

Small Garden Design: Get your Pots right!


pot collections


Not everyone likes cutting grass or wants the perceived work load of lots of plants, so a few pots are a good  alternative for many people, but there are ways to ‘do’ pots and ways not to.


Here the pots are arranged in a loose ten pin bowling arrangement, there is a mix of wooden planters, plastic and blue pots each containing one plant. 

Now I actually subscribe to the ‘one plant in a pot idea’ as I would prefer to have one good looking plant as opposed to several occupying a small space (which means I need to water and feed them all religiously to keep it looking lovely – and I usually forget too!), but the plant also has to be in proportion to the pot, and here they all look a little small.  So how to improve this?


Firstly, just like redecorating a room, decide on a colour scheme for plants and for the pots, with the stone and paving here, darker coloured pots contrast well, the palest terracotta colour doesn’t really stand out.  I could use the pale pot colour, but ensure the plants were bold, that way the plant is the feature and not the pot, or all the pots could be the same colour but different styles for interest. 


The key is to have a plan, so let’s assume I am going to use the darker blue for all the pots. The colour scheme for the plants can be either  pastel and cool or bold and bright, but not both!  In this instance I will choose bright and bold (as the stones are quite pale), choose two flower colours you like and buy plants only in those colours.


Tulips in pots

I know these are in a lovely garden, but it’s the effect I want you to look at.

In this instance I would like red and purples as it will stand out against the stones.  Do consider bulbs as well as one plant per pot, so tulips for example can happily sit under a plant and pop up in spring for extra interest. 


Lastly positioning, sorry but the skittle style of arranging is not a good one, group the pots in 3’s or 5’s or all together (this also makes watering easier), put plants that look good together in each group and it will look so much better!

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