PlantPlots Design Service – created just for you

PlantPlots Garden Design Service – creating great gardens just for you.

Why choose PlantPlots? – FAQ’s

PlantPlots is new – we’re unlike any other garden design company.

Take a look at the designs we’ve created

Our aim is to help you create the garden of your dreams easily and affordably.

How does it work?

It’s very simple, we don’t even need to visit your garden. All you need to do is send us some photo’s.

You tell us what you’d like the garden to do, but it doesn’t matter if you really aren’t sure what you want or that you aren’t an experienced gardener, we will create the right design that works for you.

It works like this…..

We then go away and put our thinking caps on to create a design that we know will work for you. This is then emailed back and we can post you a copy too.

It’s so easy – contact us today for a no obligation chat.

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    What sort of design does PlantPlots do?

    Our mission is to make gardening easier – we want you to enjoy your garden not spend hours looking after it. We don’t create designs for expert gardeners, our designs can be enjoyed by everyone; but especially those who haven’t the time to do much gardening.

    We also believe that gardens should not only look good – they should also ‘do good’ too. We use as many bee and butterfly friendly plants as well using plants that are easy to look after.

    How much does it cost?

    Because we don’t need to visit you, you only pay for our design time. You will receive a report with drawings of the redesigned garden, advice on how to create it, a list of all the plants you’ll need and a plan of where to plant them. Most importantly we’ll include pictures of the plants and an aftercare plan, so you can keep your garden looking gorgeous.

    Currently the price for an average garden redesign (like the one in the pictures) is £350. Pricing is flexible, so if you only need help with a little bit of your garden, we will find a price to suit your budget.

    The design you receive tells you all you need to know to create your garden – it’s so simple, practical and affordable. We aim to present your design to you within 10 working days.

    Does PlantPlots supply the plants?

    No, our designs will tell you exactly what to buy and how many plants you need. The garden can be created using a mixture of seeds, bulbs and plants, you decide the mix to suit your budget.


    Who creates the garden?

    Our aim is to provide you with a design that is easy for you to create and plant (well there will be some digging), or you can hire a gardener to do this for you. We do always try to work with the hard landscaping you currently have rather than create a totally new design, to help keep the garden affordable.

    It’s amazing how a few simple changes to the lawn shape for example can transform a dull patch into a stunning garden!

    Because you have the design plan, you can choose when you want to start and how much you want to spend.

    If you want some advice or just have a chat (we’re very friendly) about how we can help. 

    Call Rachel on 07985 917767 or fill out the form.