‘Pictoral’ labelling


Informative – but are you excited?


Perhaps I am too much of a plantophile, but I really think the way plant labels have become soulless detracts from the reason you buy plants.  Too often on the back all you get is a pictogram of a sun, half a sun, Roman numerals and  height number in cm’s.  Now these are all very well, I know how to plant it, but not how to make the most of the plant!


When I buy stuff, I generally buy out of necessity, impulse or I am looking for something to fulfil a need, I don’t buy a pair of jeans because they say size 10, indigo, regular I buy those jeans because I need a pair, they look lovely and they suck in any flabby bits, so I feel great!



Why can’t plant labels be more evocative, I mean ‘really loves sunshine, flowers all summer and is not too big’ or ‘loves shade, hates soggy ground, will grow taller than you and has the most fab scent in spring’ tells you much more.

Do I really need to know it gets to 65cm, do I really care.


I just want to know roughly how big it will be, so how about, ground hugger, dainty, small, medium, big and round, large or enormously large as a far more descriptive term – I know exactly what those would end up looking like!

Rant over xx

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