Most of you will have seen these plants, usually they are the enormous Ternax variety, which is a bronze coloured plant with huge strap like leaves that look like giant toothpicks. 


These are nice plants, but generally they are too big for the average garden and they tend to swamp anything near. 


However, phormiums are tough and trouble free plants, so taking a little time to choose the right one really is worthwhile.

phormium sundowner (2)


My favourites are ‘Cream Delight’ (good for a slightly shadier spot), ‘Bronze Baby’ ‘Sundowner’ and there is even a black one call Platts Black (make sure your diction is good in saying this one though).


phormium cream white


Once planted, they only require the odd leaf removal if it’s a bit tatty. I also cut leaves and use them at Christmas in flower displays ‘cos they look really effective.


 Phormium Platts black (1)  

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