Papaver or Oriental Poppies are a bit like the Oscars.


Anticipation then an over exuberance of intense activity that looks fab for a few days, then having partied hard – flop down for a rest till next year. However life would be very dull without the Oscars, and we all love a drama queen (usually), so I do think they are worth it!

Do not plant these  plants though if you have a really small garden, as being fab for 2 weeks, they don’t work hard enough all year round for a truly tiny patch, but if you have a bit of space to tuck a couple in, so that once ‘the make-up’ and glamorous dresses are off you can hide the body behind something else!

Seriously though they are quite tough plants with a deep tap root, so when mine flop over everything and look hung over, I just chop all the leaves almost to the ground and they regrow some neater ones for me!



 This one’s Royal Wedding.

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