Overly developed flowers

When is a flower not really a flower?


Tulips, Daffodils, Dahlias and Pansies come into this category for me, and I am talking about gilding the lily.  I know growers want to introduce new varieties to sell, which is great, but some of the varieties coming into Garden Centres I think, concentrate on what might make this a real showstopper, rather than ‘is this beautiful’.


Is this not beautiful?


philadelhus flower

Why should this flower be classed as more beautiful?



Some flower heads are so full of petals and frills and stripes and have two colours, three colours, I’m not sure what I should be admiring!


I mean if you see a diamond solitaire it is usually wonderful, beautiful and eyecatching, however is a tiara more stunning, just because it not only has more diamonds, but adds pearls and sapphires too?


Some flowers are now so full of petals, you can’t see the inside of the flower, now although you may not think that  too much of a problem, think how do the bees and butterflies  feed if they can’t get in?


What would butterflies think v1

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