Miscanthus are grasses, but don’t think these are little things that the mower should run over, there are over 50 varieties of this beautiful plant.


They generally grow at least 4ft (1.5m) tall, a few are shorter and some can easily get to 10ft (3m) tall. The range of colours is immense, green, yellow, stripy, one with pink tassels, white tassels, some that turn red and orange in the Autumn.


Grasses can look a little untidy, but so does my sitting room occasionally,  I tidy that up, so why not pop outside and pick up any broken bits?


Anyway, what I love most is the swishy noise when the wind blows through – so if you live by a noisy road, hedges do muffle the sound of the cars, but Miscanthus adds a far more relaxing note to the tune of life.

miscanthus morning light

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