Lack of real advice when choosing plants


Small Garden Design: There’s lot’s of advice but not much help!


not a good colour combo'Not the best plant combination!


Whenever I used to go round garden centres or places, many people, including at time me, tendend to exhibit similar buying patterns – We all wander round, with a loose thought that ‘they would like to get something for the garden’. 

Then as we wander, phrases such as ‘ooh isn’t this pretty, let’s get one’  followed by ‘ooh this is lovely, lets get one of these too’ are heard. Then it’s off to the tills. 


Once home, you wander into the garden and try to find a place to put it – sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t too!


Achillea walter Frankel

How nice it would be if the ‘expert’s helped you combine plants as well

Furniture stores, department stores, stores like Ikea, all have areas that set up little rooms and put things together that look good there, that way customers walk in and say let’s get that and this, as they will look good in the dining room for example.


So where have you seen in Garden Centres plant combinations together to show you what can really compliment each other, (I am sure there are some and I stand to be corrected), but on the whole, it’s more of a plant supermarket with everything set out alphabetically.


Group plants by what grows well together, by aspect, i.e drought lovers, and sun lovers or by size, colour or smell for example.  You may find the same plant in lots of different areas, but wouldn’t it be easier to wander up thinking, I really need something to go in that shady corner by the dustbins and voila! There is a section in the Garden Centre for shady corners – great, it would make your task of choosing the right plants so much easier!


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