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We want to make gardening as easy as possible. Think of this as our content’s page, so you know where to find what you need to find out about!


You can also use the search box in the side bar.


Our advice is easy to use it’s aim, to help you create your garden. So whether you want help knowing how to start when you don’t know much about gardening or learn about plants to avoid in small gardens or you just want help because your plants never seem to look good… just type in the search box and see what we have to help you.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just call 07985 917767, we’d be happy to help.


Our aim is to help you create a better garden that works for you but that won’t cost the earth.

PlantPlots News:


We’re always looking for news and articles, photo’s or stories for our newsletter.

So if you’d like us to include something in our next edition –  all you need to do is let us know!


Know how to transform your garden in an instant

Visit the shop to see the range of instant designs on offer – you’ll never need to worry if your hydrangeas will thrive next to your heleniums again!


We also provide a garden design service (with a difference)


Garden Designers that don’t even need to visit you – amazing design and amazing value.



As far as we know – you won’t find a service like this anywhere else

Design Advice

Our advice is rather different from the average garden website. Our aim is to help you create a garden that really works for you!


We believe gardens should ‘DO’ good as well as look good. We use as many Bee and Butterfly friendly plants we can in all our designs


Gardening Advice

Simple, practical advice the PlantPlots way – but we won’t be telling you how to prune your roses or take cuttings from your Pelargoniums!


We have compiled a list of really great places you can source all sorts of plants too.



Download our Free Guides

Try out our Bee friendly border design; learn what ‘low maintenance gardening’ means and how to create one. Read our handy guides to getting the right plant for your garden.





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