House builders planting schemes (usually)

Why do Housebuilders care so little about the gardens they build?


These little front patches are the fault of new house building firms.


  peoples gardens (41)


You can see what has happened, the site manager has said, get some plants and stick them in here to fill it up. 

badly planted front

No thought, no plan and no worries for them, the poor person who moves in though will very quickly be faced with the scene below. The vinca (the blue flowered plant) is great for ground cover and grow well where very little else will…


The problem is; if you put a really tough ground cover plant in lovely new fresh sunny rich soil – it will go wild with joy and grow enormously fast …everywhere!




The vinca in the bottom picture is only a few doors away from the first house, so only a few months older and it is already swamping everything.


Few people when buying plants really consider ‘size in 5’ i.e how big will this thing be in 5 years, and don’t think ‘oh it won’t grow that much’..they do and will!  Secondly ‘fast growing’ on the label means just that, but unlike humans who stop growing once we hit adult hood, plants don’t have that STOP gene, so fast growing means fast forever.


However developers who build hundreds of homes should consider these problems for you. So why oh why do they continually use the wrong type of plants – can’t they afford expert advice? 


Make it easier, plant nicer plants please!


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