Hedgehog Holes – share and care people!

Sadly the time frame for getting enough signatures on this petition has expired, so you can’t sign this one….but we will have another go shortly.

Hedgehogs need our help, just think if we all had holes in our fences they wouldn’t need to cross the road.

All you need to do is click the image and add your name to the UK govt petition.


govt petition

All a hedgehog needs is a hole the size of a CD and they will happily wander from your garden to the neighbours chomping slugs!

You can now buy ready-made hedgehog holes in fencing – so it couldn’t be easier!


Once they get enough votes by law they have to debate it in parliament.




My petition:

Change planning laws so all New House Builds must have hedgehog holes in fences.

Hedgehogs are in serious decline in the UK, urban gardens are a vital lifeline. Creating a hedgehog hole in a fence allows hedgehogs to pass from garden to garden without having to cross any roads. A change to planning would require access for hedgehogs in all new house build garden fencing

Details of the plight of hedgehogs can be found at the Hedgehog Preservation Society