Garden Problems – Misbehaving Gardens!

Garden Problems: Is your garden misbehaving itself and how can you sort it out?


misbehaving garden

Much as we’d all love one of these….


White show garden

Most of us usually end up with something more like this…


So what can you do to get your garden behaving itself?

We all have garden problems, even Monty Don and Alan Titchmarsh will have had many, but not getting on top of those garden problems will usually mean they start to get on top of you instead.

We all see these glossy images of the most beautiful and bountiful gardens and it’s hard not to feel somewhat disappointed when looking at your own back garden/jungle and wonder whether you can ever really get something that looks (and stays) looking good all year without the expert designers or full time gardeners on hand.

Well of course you can. 

The key to a lovely garden that works for you, is how good you are a ‘refereeing’, what sort of team you have on the pitch to start with and how well you understand the rules!

Gardening is a process, there is no start or finish to a garden, it is a living breathing entity, so plants will die and others will try to take over, you need to make sure you know how to remain in charge!

Read our guides to ‘righting the wrongs’ in your garden.

flops  taking over  thriving  uninspiring

Or for a little extra helping hand …you can ‘cheat’ and buy one of our lovely ready made border designs instead – that way you know it will all work – hurrah!


happier gardens