Garden Design Ideas – reshape the lawn

EB Garden redesign on a budget

Garden Design Ideas – reshape the lawn

Redesigning or changing any garden, does not need to be expensive. In fact one of the cheapest methods to transform any garden is to look to reshape the lawn.

Hard landscaping changes are always the most time consuming and costly option, so for any changes in the garden, it is always better to look at whether the garden can be improved by changing it’s shape first.

In this garden, the owners had built a large patio and path to the office at the end of the garden. However, they wanted a more interesting feel to the lawn space, but on a tight budget.

You can see from the pictures below how a simple reshape of the lawn opens up a range of planting possibilities.

The planting style is then chosen to reflect how you want your garden to make you feel and what you need it to deliver for you.

One of the best pieces of design advice I can give any garden owner is this. Before you make any changes, think this.

I can only redesign this garden by adding new plants in a new layout”

Then you make changes that improve the design – maximising the potential your garden has. If after that it is clear you need some hard landscaping changes, then these can be made. BUT you have redesigned the garden in the most cost effective way first.

Clever eh?

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Designed from Photos

Designing a garden is not easy if you aren’t an expert gardener. This design was created without the need for site visits. All this lovely customer did was send a few photos and some measurements. After a couple of weeks, they now have a comprehensive design plan, helping to turn their garden from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

So it won’t matter if it takes 2 months or 2 years to finish – you will have a plan to help you all the way.

Creating the garden of your dreams is now possible.

Simple Practical and Affordable Design.

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