Which Flowers are Best for Bees?

Which Flowers are Best for Bees?



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There are flowers that are good for Bees and all the other beneficial insects we need and there are flowers that aren’t – so what to choose?


Good Flower Shapes:

Choose natural looking open flowers, with easy access to the nectar inside.

Verbena B flower Skimmia flowers Salvia Blue Queen Rudbeckia fulgida deamii rhodo luteum flower philadelhus flower papaver orange narcissus teta tete

‘Unfriendly’ Flowers:


Try to avoid flowers with complex petal structures – you try getting inside!

 Purple_Gladioli  1390282_29761392 overly bred rose  bedding-plant-colours_edited-1  KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA  rose crop


Secondly avoid Bedding – yes it’s pretty in summer and colourful, but most bedding plants sold in garden centres are sterile, they have little or no nectar. Why fill your garden with ‘plastic’ plants, they also cost a lot and then you throw them away at the end of the summer.


 Insects don’t view the world as we do – many use ultraviolet light to see the flowers and the nectar – and often the flower is really helpful in providing well marked out landing zones…..



 See a big purple ‘The nectar’s in here!’ blob of colour.


So before you buy these amazingly cultivated flowers that exhibit a wide range of colours and fluff and frills – think, how would a bee see this, would it recognise this as a flower?





You also need flowers that are in flower all year round – it’s nice for us to have plants that flower in the dreary winter months but it’s an absolute lifeline for the Bees.



For our list of plants that are bee friendly and in flower at different times of the year – click here. 



We have already come up with loads of border designs that include lots of Insect and Bee friendly flowers – the planning is all done; you just need to get planting