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Garden Advice – the PlantPlots Way!

Fixing Garden Problems

Solving Garden Problems

Lower your Lawn Maintenance

Hedges and How Not to Make Them a Pain in the Proverbials!

Path Problems – Go Low Maintenance

Bad Pruning

Really Bad Pruning!

Ban Boring Fences.

When Do You Need to Start  Again.

Wrong Tree – Wrong Place

Mini Makeovers

Bee Friendly Gardens.

Bees V The RHS – it’s time for the Bees to win!

Garden are for Life & Not Just for Show

Real Gardeners Love Life – But What To Do About Bugs!

Bedding Plants & why not to use them.

Why Bigger, Bolder & Brighter Flowers aren’t much use in a Garden.

Plants to Love.

Lots of our Favourite Plants – and why we love them

PlantPlots Soapbox

Thinking of Selling your Home?

– your garden can help and hinder the sale, tips on making sure your garden helps.


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