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Poor Soil:

Poor soils are classed as such for a number of reasons.


In general though, all exhibit the same basic features – they are all really tough environments for anything to grow in. This could be due to the soil being totally compacted and airless, utterly devoid of any insect life, pale and lacking in any nutrients or just utterly full of stones, rocks or builders rubbish!


Before you start to think about planting a garden however, you need to consider how much effort and time you are willing to spend improving the soil or not as the case maybe!


For example, your brand new lovely house, with lush green (recently turfed lawns) may hide a nasty surprise. Beneath the grass lies a soil that has been pounded and compacted by bulldozers, is full of rubble and other building detritus and is nigh on impossible to get a spade into.


Obviously, you can dig out borders and enrich them with lots of juicy compost in order that you can grow a wide range of plants – but this is a lot of work and effort.


Or you can cheat…..


Decide you are going to only plant shallow rooted / tough as old boots / grow anywhere types of plants / build raised borders or have a lovely collection of pots.


Either way, using the right types of plant for your garden will result in a better looking AND lower maintenance garden for you – you just need to decide what level of effort you want to put in in the first place!


For more information on the types of soil and how to improve your soil – visit our page on Digging

Download our ‘Rule of Thumb’ guide to getting the right types of plants in the right place for your garden.

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Alternatively, If you don’t want to work out which plants to use in your borders, we do have lots of ready made designs you can download for your garden instead. Think of them a bit like recipe cards for the garden..so just like we all reach for a cookbook to find something yummy to cook – you can reach for one of our ‘recipes’ and create little plots of ‘happiness’ in your garden too. So have a browse, well; go and make a coffee first and then have a browse!



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