Buy one – Get thousands free!

Buy one –  and get thousands free


We’ve all done it, popped into a garden centre or seen a pretty plant at a car boot sale and thought ‘I’ll buy that’. The plant was then carefully planted in a lovely spot and then you realised it wasn’t quite such a lovely plant after all! 


All the plants listed below may be self seed experts or prolific bulb reproducers. So you get thousands free, even if you don’t want them!


Some of these plants are not really a problem to get rid of, but for those among you who dislike the chore of gardening, avoiding planting these in the first place will save hours of unwanted effort of removing them.


On the flip side however, a grassy bank planted with a plant that self seeds and is very pretty to look at is a wonderful bonus. It’s all about your point of view in the first place!



Alchemilla Mollis

Allium Hair

Allium Paradoxumgood garden plants

Allium Triquetrum



Briza  – Quaking Grass

Convallaria – Lily of the Valley




Lychnis Coronaria

Myosotis – Forget me not




 We avoid using lots of high maintenance plants in our border designs, visit the shop and take a look.

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