Garden Design Tips – Hiding ugly things or boring views

Hiding ugly things or boring views.

A common response to hiding an eyesore is to either cover it or to hide it behind something. This may sound like a good idea, but is it the only solution?

There is another way!


Create something more eye-catching to look at instead.

Colour is so important.

image via Unsplash

Take this wall, now imagine this was all the view you had. The eye-catching element does not have to be expensive. In this case it’s a couple of tins of blue paint and a window-box.

The point is the tall imposing walls are now attractive to look at.

image via Unsplash

Colour is a great way of making you notice only those items you want to see. The bright red flowers immediately capture your eye’s attention, then you notice them being repeated in the background. You start looking for the colour around the garden.

However, you must use only one or two bright colours, less is definitely more in this case! In our drawing below, although the garden is totally overlooked, the reds and purple colours catch your eye more than the buildings behind.

Use ALL your senses.

We humans are easily distracted, we become immersed in what we are doing and can exclude the world simply by reading a book, watching a screen or listening to music. The point is, your brain is fully occupied so you don’t notice what’s going on around you as much.

Apply the same principle in the garden.

You need to occupy all your senses, then you will not notice the ugly or boring views so much. 

Your garden should contain plants that not only look lovely, but smell lovely. Fill the garden with plants at emit aromas when touched, have fruits you can pick and nibble on. Add some noise, obviously a nice noise and listen to the garden too.

Lastly sight is not just limited to looking at colour, our eyes are programmed to follow movement. So don’t plant big, solid green hedges to block the view, plant tall grasses that will dance in the wind instead – it’s much nicer to look at!

Plan your view.

Take a chair into the garden and sit down. Shut your eyes and open them again – what’s the first thing that catches your eye. Repeat this by moving the chair to face different angles in the garden.

You will now have a plan of ‘first impressions’ in the garden, some of which will be good and some not so good. So what to do now….

If the bits you would rather not see are impossible to exlude from view, then the simplest solution is to turn your back on them. If you sit down facing away from the eyesore, you can look at something nicer.

Then with the orientation of your seating area sorted, you can create an area of the garden that is really good to look at. In this way you control what you want to see.

In the garden below, there is not a lot to ‘see’ so your attention is easily distracted.

Did you notice the flowers…..?

Gardens can be made less ugly and more interesting with a little thought, as long as you concentrate on distracting your eye so that it doesn’t stay looking at the ugly bit because it has a more attractive bit to look at.

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Hiding in in Plain Sight

We all have parts of the garden that are going to be ugly reagardless of what we try a classic example are with our bins. We’ve all got bins and bins are always going to be ugly.

If you are lucky enough to have a corner to tuck them away in great, but if your garden is not large enough, then the trick is to hide them in plain sight.

Rather than thinking of simply hiding the bins….think of something to look at that will ALSO hide the bins.

hiding bins drawing


        Now you seen seen them                     now you don’t

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