Disguising an ugly garden shed

Ugly Garden Sheds – & how to make them less awful!

Garden sheds, man-caves or her-hideaways are a ubiquitous part of British garden culture.

They can be beautiful, quirky, miniature palaces but more often than not they are a dull grey or browny red large shabby looking eyesores at the bottom of the garden.

Modern housing estates also have much smaller gardens these days, which means that now the average 8x6ft shed takes up even more room than it used to.  So if it’s not gorgeous – you end up looking at a disproportionately large but rather ugly object.

So although Brits do have a love affair for the humble garden shed, we do rather let them become a decidedly ugly garden feature – but it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

So what to do with the man-cave?

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The best defense is attack!

If you have a shed AND it can’t be moved or hidden, then make the shed look more attractive. A simple coat of paint or stain can make even the most rundown garden shed look what is know in designer circles as ‘shabby chic’ or ‘distressed’.


Avoid bright colours, as these are more noticeable, but use instead cool pastel colours that compliment each other. So greys and creams, mossy greens with cream, sage and silver for example. However with a little coat of paint, the shed becomes more attractive. No less imposing, but it now becomes a blank canvas onto which you can add something interesting to look at.

Make the Shed more Interesting

Sheds can be quirky, they are allowed to reflect the personality of the owner, so do you want yours to say ‘rather unimaginative person’ or would you prefer it ‘said’ something else about you?


As long as what you attach to the shed has a theme of some sort, your shed will start to look cool.

So pick a colour theme, or as in this case bird-boxes (there must be a collective noun for a collection of these – how about a Flutter of Bird Boxes?).

The upshot is that if there is something that captures your attention more than the shed, you won’t notice those bits of the garden as much.

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Hide the Shed in Plain Sight:

This is all about creating a feature in the garden that draws your attention away from something rather ugly and toward something more beautiful instead.

Take this garden for example – there is certainly no hiding from the garden shed. All the visual pathways in the garden lead to the shed.

A large shed like this is obviously more than just a place to store the mower, this one has a small verandah, so clearly it is a popular place in the garden.

However, it doesn’t add to the garden view much,  and it is not the most attractive of design.

To not notice the shed, the garden needs to be more interesting.

The garden shed is not hidden, rather it is hiding in plain sight

Good garden design is all about making something work for you and your garden. It doesn’t need to be ridiculously expensive nor does it have to involve huge amounts of hard landscaping or digging – however in a small garden it does need to be a little bit more imaginative.

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