Acidic Soils – download our useful guide

Acidic Soils

Come in a variety of forms, most gardens though are unlikely to be purely peat based. However acidic soils are common in moorlands, woodlands and also in sandy soils.

Ericaceous is the buzzword here, any plant that needs ericaceous soil will thrive given the right placement. Acidic soils can also be pretty free draining, many sandy soils can also be slightly acidic too. To see what type of soil you have, you can buy a soil test kit, which is available from most garden centres, but another useful method is to wander around the neighbourhood and see what seems to grow well and what doesn’t. Take pictures of the plants you like and those that seem to grow well as these will also work well in your garden too.

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Alternatively, If you don’t want to work out which plants to use in your borders, we do have lots of ready made designs you can download for your garden instead. Think of them a bit like recipe cards for the just like we all reach for a cookbook to find something yummy to cook – you can reach for one of our ‘recipes’ and create little plots of ‘happiness’ in your garden too. So have a browse, well; go and make a coffee first and then have a browse!

Have a look at our container range of MiniPlots these are designed for container planting, so you can grow anything you want whatever your soil type!

Download our ‘Rule of Thumb’ guide to getting the right types of plants in the right place for your garden.

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