Elymus Majellicus

I have always loved grasses in the garden, I know they can look untidy sometimes, but like my own hair, a quick comb through and all is good again.


The absolute best thing about this grass is – it’s blue, and the more sun it has, the more blue it is!  OK it’s not royal or french blue, but it’s more powder blue with a slight industrial grey hint thrown in, but whoever said that grass is green had clearly led a very sheltered life!


Anyway, they have to have lots of hot sun, so the nice thing is this is good in pot, go for a bold pot colour to really show off the blue.


If you are using it in the garden, then a really striking combination use purple leaved heuchera, ophiopogon, or libertia peregrins. 


I wouldn’t plant it next to bigger taller plants or surround it with too much greenery as it will get swallowed up and it loses it’s pzazz factor.


ophiopogon lily (3)    Heuchera Plum Pudding   libertia




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