Gardens to me are about creating something that is interesting to look at, something that is made up of lots of different colours and textures and creates an enjoyable place to sit in.


Echinops is one plant that does tick a number of boxes in the ‘good garden plant’ category


Echinops is a really wonderful plant to use , it looks different, it looks prickly (but it’s really only pretending), but it is really worth having because the leaves are a steely grey/blue and they have lollipop pompoms of intense blue flowers, which fade to whitish ghost balls in the autumn.


Honey bees love them too, as do loads and loads of moths and butterflies.  In winter the plant can turn a ghostly white colour, especially if you buy ‘Mrs Wilmotts Ghost’ which makes the garden more interesting all year round.  Oh and I like the sound of the name!


BEE responsible gardeneers name added

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