Donald Trump is following PlantPlots

Donald Trump is following our posts on Medium!


How cool is this, one of the most famous people on the planet right now is following us. 


Donald 2000


To see what Donald has been following on Medium


I wasn’t aware that Donald may be a keen gardener, or that he may also be interested in learning how our gardens can become real havens for wildlife. I hope he agrees with our ethos, that we should BEE responsible gardeners and use plants in the garden that not only look lovely, but also provide food for pollinating insects for much of the year.


We also want to help our hedgehogs;


So Donald if you are reading this, would you sign our petition to help save the British Hedgehog, all we need are 100k signatories and the UK Govt will have to debate Hedgehog Holes in Parliament.


hedgehog petition


We love gardening, and we’re delighted Donald might love gardening too. You never know Donald might also like to download our free design so he too can attract more bees and beneficial insects into the garden.


Oh and just in case Donald is reading this….we also like these organisations, perhaps Donald could follow them too.



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