Many of you will never have heard of these, but if I tell you their common name is ‘angels fishing rods’, I bet you get an instant mental image even without a picture!




These plants don’t fall into my truly self reliant category, but they are worth having a go.  The best one is the most easily available variety, pulcherrimum, the leaves can look a bit like a teenagers bedroom floor, but then they flower, so are easily forgiven.


These are fishing rod length thin ‘waft in the wind’ stems with 30-40 pinky/purple bell shaped fairy hats dangling on one side.

Although their common name conjures up images of water, these are in fact prairie plants, so they hate having waterlogged roots!  So wherever you put them, two rules apply, lots of sun and good drainage.


Mine grow in a sun trap next to a gravel drive, so the soil is quite rubbish and full of shingle, I do lift the leaves up from the ground using plant supports as they are long thin strappy ‘trip you uppy’ leaves if you let them fall across the path!


image: wikimedia

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