Colour enhanced flowers on plant labels

This is what they show you, but not what you get

True blue or not true blue?


So many of the images of flowers are clearly enhanced to give a false impression of the vibrancy and intensity of the colour of the flowers, many of the reds are so ‘beefed up’ there isn’t a shade of lipstick that would compare to them!



Now I understand that  growers want the images to stand out, but not to the extent what you see on the label is impossible to create at home.  I would be a so disappointed if my pot of vibrant flowers looked wholly inferior to the image.


On my images I do add flowers to plant images if the right image of the plant happens not to be in flower – but not to the extent the image is totally smothered in blooms nor do I create lipstick tints for them.  Let’s have slightly more realistic images, so I really know what to look forward too, please?

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