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Stipa Gigantea

Stipa Gigantea:   Not everyone can have this plant in their garden as it does need a bit of space, not because it takes up loads of room, but because grasses belong in the open, so by planting tall grasses next to a wall or squeezed into a narrow gap they will end up looking like a squashed tutu. Grasses

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Libertia Peregrinans

I bet you never thought you could get a plant which is stripy, well you can and this one is lovely. Libertia Peregrinans is an orange and green stripy grass like plant – but not ‘just about’ orange coloured leaves, it has really really orange leaves; excellent with purple plants, blue plants and black plants. It’s not too tall and would look rubbish

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Scented Plants : Sarcococca Confusa I don’t know why the trend in gardening over the years has been for really showy flowers with frilly bits and a multitude of colours but not much else – when one of the greatest pleasures anyone can have is walking up a drive and getting your nose assaulted by the most wonderful smells!  

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Alliums Plants that are totally independent are really special, by that I mean, you plant, up they come, they fade away and repeat the same cycle year after year. Alliums are absolutely fantastic plants, and I think they work really well with Tulips. As the tulips fade these are coming into flower, yet they take up no real space in

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