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BEE Responsible Gardening

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”  Albert Einstein     That’s a scary statement – but it’s pretty much true.   So we really need to help maintain the bee populations globally.

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What to do with the bins!

Tips for Small Garden Design: Bins.   Bins, we all have them, but in a small garden how can you spend time enjoying your garden without the wheelie bins on show! Not the prettiest sight are they, but you can hide them. However rather than thinking of simply hiding the bins….think of something to look at that will ALSO hide the

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Narrow Alleys and Courtyards

Small Garden Design: Don’t stuff your narrow bits with clutter!   Alleyways and narrow gardens are always a little tricky to garden. Two reasons, they are narrow, so too much stuff and it looks cluttered and usually they are in deep shade so don’t see much sun or rain for that matter. So what to do.   Take this drawing of a

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Narrow spaces

Small Garden Design: You don’t need a digger to widen the garden, just some well placed curvy bits.     Narrow spaces are always quite tricky, they can easily look like alleyways if you are not careful.  The simplest trick is to move your eye from side to side as it travels down the garden.

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Garden Design Tips – Ugly Views & how to hide them

Garden Design Tips: Hiding Ugly Views       You can do something about those eyesores..even in a small garden! and here’s how…   Have a colour theme:

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Check the ‘size in 5’!

Small Garden Design: Don’t plant a problem!   Another new garden border by the house builder, it looks OK right now, but all these plants are doing is storing up a problem for the new home owner (and as these are starter homes – it’s probably their first garden too) – thanks!     OK, so what is wrong, well

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