We’ve smashed 300k views!

Sorry, shameless self promotion here, but more and more people are discovering that We really do Make Gardening Easier! Which means more and more people are realising they too can have a more gorgeous looking garden – easily and that makes us happy.

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Tea-cup gardens; a new #lockdown craze??

garden in a teacup idea 7

Sorry, just had to share this post from BoredPanda.com, these are so lovely. It’s those little things that keep us happy. stay safe everyone and keep well.

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Make your garden great again!

Allium flower close up

Right now the whole world is a bit bonkers, we are all in a lockdown trying to prevent the spread of an unseen enemy. The only outside place we are allowed to be in is the garden, but is yours a great place to sit outside in? Or does the garden leave you feeling a bit flat? If so, how

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Gotta love a garden

garden trends 2019

For all of you who don’t have access to a garden during this lockdown corona virus nightmare – I hope you enjoy this

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Plan for Debris!

Acer palmatum leaves backlit by sunlight

Good morning everyone, just a short post today, but before you read further, I would like to wish all my readers well during this global pandemic. I firmly believe that from awful things comes some good, and after this Coronavirus changes the world, I think it will change all of us for the better. The truly important things will be

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Why the drive for perfection is killing us!

At PlantPlots we firmly believe it is our responsibility to leave the planet in a better state than we found it. In all aspects of our lives we can make easy and simple changes to how we live that cumulatively will have a huge impact on the world we inhabit. So what are we talking about here, what is meant

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Planting a garden on a slope!

Oh my goodness, what do you do with a really steep slope of untamed grass and a desire to have something nice to look at! This week is all about how you go about planting a garden on a slope. What are the problems! Before starting the potential problems need looking at and thinking through before you don crampons, attach

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Ugly garden sheds & long concrete paths

FOrget mt not flower by brick path spring flowers pale blue flower

How to hide an ugly garden shed I just thought I would pop on a quick post with the latest garden transformation I have completed, because it shows how you design around two of the most common garden problems; hiding ugly garden sheds & long concrete paths. The problem is twofold, firstly we all need storage space in a garden

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Boring Gardens and how to avoid them (part 2)

Boring gardens & how to avoid them.. Last weeks post looked at why boring gardens evolve and how plants can create more interest by stimulating our senses. Changing the planting is a simple and cost effective method to avoid the descent into boringness. This week I am discussing how some simple changes to the garden’s layout will also keep your

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