If butterflies could vote, would your garden win?

Now there’s is a thought, but what if butterflies could vote, would your garden win if pitted against the neighbour’s? Who would benefit from the beautiful summer spectacle of fluttering butterflies more, you or your neighbours? One of life’s greatest pleasures is sitting in the garden on a warm summer day watching the daily hum of life. Bees buzzing in

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PlantPlots is Popular

book i want to like my garden book review MandyCanUDigIt.com

and that’s official! According to Alexa ranking (25/9/19) PlantPlots.com ranks at #2,110,425 in global internet engagement. Which may not sound like a lot, but when you consider there are over 2 billion websites – our ranking at 2,110,425th puts us above 99.86% of all the websites out there on the global internet. But if you want to quibble, that many

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Asymmetric garden design

Geranium johnsons blue flower in sun close up

I thouht I would just share with you our latest garden design for one of our lovely customers. This was a great design to do as the brief was for a person who loved plants and wanted to lose themselves in the garden… so it really gave me the chance to let my inner designer loose! The result was a

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The Garden, your space or an interesting space?

For gardens to compete in the modern world, we need to make them more fun. You need to decide if the garden is your space or an interesting space? Gardens are created by adults but used by children, the problem is we create gardens we like but not necessarily gardens children will like using. The gardens made are lovely and

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Evolution never stops

bee on verbena flower

Just took a picture of the Verbena Bonariensis in my garden and realised to my absolute delight that evolution occurs every day, it’s just that we hardly ever notice. Why, well take a look at this picture, I have not changed the colour of anything…. and there’s one little petal that has decided it didn’t want to be purple. So

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How to ‘grow’ a leopard!

Topiary leopard

How to grow a leopard – what a daft title, but that is indeed what this post is all about. You can indeed grow a leopard and this one is called Ingwe. Some years ago I decided my myrtle hedge needed a trim, but I was becoming bored with just a nice flat top which looked the same as every

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And the world’s best air fresheners are…..

Quell Surprise – it’s plants, yes the humble houseplant can purify the air in your home! Now we have all known for years that putting plants in the house is a good idea but it’s not just because they look pretty; plants purify the air we all breathe. These humble houseplants have been scientifically proven to act as the best

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Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Finally – Show Gardens are showing who the garden is really for It’s that time of year again when we all glue ourselves in front of the TV (or attend for those who have a ticket) drinking in the sights sounds and spectacle that is the Chelsea Flower Show. And this years show gardens seem to all have finally grabbed

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Congratulations to our competition winner – Alice!

Now clearly we aren’t going to be able to hide a shed quite this big…. so the trick is was make this border as interesting as possible. Alice wanted a really pretty, cottage style, easy care, low maintenance, football friendly border that was also a magnet for bees and butterflies … and that would also hide the shed….! OK, it

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Trees can ‘Talk’…. & that’s official

Acer palmatum leaves backlit by sunlight

Well, this put’s a whole new perspective on what the window cleaner saw!…

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