Billy No Mates – The Pot!

billy the pot

OK perhaps I am being a little harsh, but it does look rather lonely. The drive is totally paved, which really only leaves the option of pots, but only one pot does look out of scale. So I think it would improve the whole frontage of the house to have a much larger planter. 


Now the trouble with lots of plants in one pot together is lack of sufficient water for all to thrive, so these plants from the Loud Pinks and Rich Velvets PlantPlot, can cope with less water than others, but you would still need to water this planter really well every couple of days.  


I know they look a little bright in the picture, but the images of the plants were taken on a sunny day and ‘adjusting the light saturation levels etc’ in Photoshop is way beyond my skills!




Anyway, the plants used are strong, warm colours, to compliment the brick walls.


The planter used is also black, two things though, firstly I would repaint the black strip at the base of the house, to help the planter ‘blend in’ and secondly I would also repaint the brick planter black also, as you can see there is now a much better finish.


It’s so easy, and it really does make a positive impact to the house, all you have to do is a little trim at the end of the year and remember to water the planter regularly.

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