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Best Garden Plants


Our Garden Gallery: Plants that make you go…ooooh!

Everyone loves a picture of a beautiful flower and these are some of the best garden plants for a small garden. Many of these are grown in my garden, so I know they are well behaved and reliable performers. We hope you enjoy having a browse.

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‘I Want to Like my Garden’ by Rachel McCartain is also packed with loads of great design advice. Choosing plants for the garden is made easier with two brilliantly simple design methods; ‘The Plant Wardrobe’ and ‘Planting with Boxes’.

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Plants need to do more than have pretty flowers though..

Plants in the garden should make you feel something, so although these images are lovely to look at, flowers are not the only reason to buy a plant.

When choosing plants for the garden ask yourself ask a couple of questions: ‘How does this plant make me feel’ and ‘when it’s not in flower what else does this plant have that’s interesting’.

Flowers only last for a few weeks of the year, but you still will have to look at the plant for the rest of the year. A really top tip then is to choose plants because they appeal to at least two of your senses. Ensure the plants are alsotactile or scented or maybe have colourful autumn foliage. If plants are chosen because they do more then just look nice, the garden will become more interesting.


The garden is making you feel good. For more amazing garden design advice – buy our book. Available at Amazon and other online book stores.

best garden design book - I Want to Like my Garden by Rachel McCartain