Garden Makeover ? Ideas to Transform your Garden

Garden Makeover – Transform Your Garden.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful garden?

There are lots of ways to transform your garden that won’t involve hiring designers or spending lots of money. All these garden makeovers use drawings of actual gardens. All we have done is tweaked the garden design here and there and then added our border designs to the garden.

To view the PlantPlots border design we used to create the garden, simply click the images. 

We may have reshaped the lawn or widened a couple of borders, which is something everyone can do. We want to showcase how easily gardens can be improved, even if you haven’t much gardening experience.

We can help design your garden too – all we need is a photo….

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Have a browse and we hope you are inspired to have a go….!


So let’s get ‘out with the old’ and make 2019 the year of your garden makeover

Small Urban Gardens:

Make sure the plants in the garden grow upwards rather than outward, so you don’t lose the space to sit out. Be bold too, who said the lawn must run parallel to the fence line?

See How to use curves in the garden:

Pimms Parade is used here

How to Disguise an Ugly Concrete Path:

Creating a false entrance to the garden helps to hide the less attractive concrete pathway.

This design uses light easy care plants that not only look lovely, the butterflies will love them too.

it’s Prairies for this design

Large sheds can be a bit unsightly:

Vary the height of the planting and use contrasting colours to make sure you look at the plants more than the shed.

See Disguising Man-Caves or Her-Hideaways!

Created using Fab Fronts to Get Noticed

Bee Friendly Gardening:

We need Bees – or we face global extinction, (melodramatic but it’s sadly true) so do your bit and get planting….this also is a really pretty border too!

read more about Bee friendly gardening

Created using our free design Bee Bistro – download it below.

[download id=”9240″]


Gardens don’t have to be Green!:

Using foliage colour in a small garden is a really great way of making your garden makeover stand out from the crowd. However in a small space stick to a limited colour palette – just like you would if you were decorating the a room in the house – less is definitely more!

See more on Gardening with curves

Border created using Black & Cream

Gardening on a Budget:

New house, new garden – which is just an empty space & there isn’t a lot left in the pot to make a garden ? We’ve an idea for that too…read more.


Design a garden from scratch

Read design a garden – if you still aren’t sure where to start

Towers of Feathers for this design…

How to brighten up a dull & shady garden:

Create an impact in the garden by only using one colour – which in shade has to be white. In spring you can use lots of bulbs to provide an extra kick of colour before the leaves of the trees have unfurled.

Read more

Created using out MiniPlots range – Woodland Glow

What to do if you’ve been left with someone else’s taste in patios!

Hard landscaping is expensive and even more expensive to change. Here, the drawing is of a brand new house build. Clearly the builder thought the red edging and fencing, green grass, purple slate and yellow paving all blended beautifully! This garden needs a calmer feel to so we’ve used ‘Fountains & Fluff’.

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See Fountains & Fluff now

You can use some of our Fab Fronts range in the back garden too.

Our Fab Fronts range can be used in a small back garden too. Here we have taken a typical small town garden, out aim was to change this garden as inexpensively as possible. So with just a few plants and a reshape of the lawn. We’ve transformed a fairly dull back garden into one you’d be proud to show to your friends.

Read more:

Fab Fronts for shady spaces

Chelsea Themed Border Design:

If you only have room for one border in the garden – then make it really eye catching with these 3 looks.


[download id=”10055″]

Improving Privacy without losing the sunshine:

Nowadays many gardens totally overlooked by other houses. Now whilst this isn’t a huge problem, it is nice to be able to sit in the garden and not stare at someone else’s bedroom window.

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One for our MiniPlots range – Sunset Boulevard

Long Narrow Gardens:

How can you make a runway of a garden seem wider? Well it’s all to do with tricking the eye and making you look from side to side.

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Towers of Feathers


The lawn in a small garden is usually the most visually dominant feature in the garden – so let’s make it more interesting to look at….It is so simple to completely alter the look of the garden with a little nip and a tuck in the lawn and moving a few plants!


Fences – everyone has a fence, but what to do if your fence is just plain ugly!

We can all improve the look of a fence with a lick of paint, but if the fence is not yours it is harder to sort out. Once again, the clever design trick is to hide it in plain sight!

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This design uses Sensual Summer

Courtyard Gardens.

If there isn’t a lot of space and light levels are low, you need to keep the whole garden look uncluttered and simple. Use mirrors too, to help bounce light into darker places.

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Small Gardens can be fun and interesting:

And they don’t have to look small and dull either – go bold. Bright colours hold your interest and keep you looking at the nicest parts of the garden – rather than all the houses and fences beyond. Bloc planting and taking the lawn right up to the fence all help to make the garden feel bigger than it is too.

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Miniplots – Red Rockets

Even tiny backyards can be glamorous!

It’s usually small, unattractive and rather dingy – but don’t forget it. You look at it every day, so surely it’s worth a little care and attention?

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Sunset Boulevard

What to do if you are utterly surrounded by buildings!

As part of our ‘How to design a garden if’ series of articles, we’ve though of a lovely design for the average ‘urban jungle’!

See also ‘Garden Design for Beginners’

Towers of Feather

OK, the garden is a bit boring…..

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration, so have a read and see what you can do to get your garden the talk of the town! (OK, well maybe it’s just the neighbours will be impressed, but that’s much better than no one at all).

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Created using Rich Velvets & Loud Pinks

Do you want to think that perhaps there’s more garden?

We’d probably all love a bigger garden, but these days unless the Lottery has landed on your doorstep, a smallish garden is all most of us afford – but you can make more of it than you might think…!

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