Be a shepherd not a sheep

Small Garden Design – Don’t just do what everyone else does!


Human nature is and has always been to ‘fit into a crowd’ we are, as a species, stronger together, (a bit deep I know but bear with me), however innovation and change can be hugely beneficial, and for that we need people to think like the proverbial shepherd and not the sheep.


I bet the interior of your house is unique to your tastes, it will not be exactly the same as your best friends or even your family, it reflects you….why oh why then do most gardens look so similar? 

If you look down the average  street, there will generally be nice little flat lawns with a few flowers under the windows, pretty, but also pretty dull, why not try and be a little more unique?  



 This street need a homeowner with a vision!


Our love affair with lawns is too intense, lawns require regular mowing, (more work than a planted border actually), and if you do not sit or play or walk on the front lawn, why do you need it, is it because everyone else has one?

I bet if you decided to be the front garden shepherd, lots of sheep in your road would think about following you, and think how much more interesting the whole place would become? 


Also two other advantages, firstly, beautiful daisy free green swathes of lawn – are pretty barren environments for insects, a bit like a green sahara desert, so more flowers less lawn and you would be encouraging a wider variety of insect species, which will benefit everyone (without bees and insects, life on Earth pretty much stops, sounds a bit dramatic but sadly it’s true).


If we all do just a little bit more then cumulatively a lot of help happens!



Towns are all experiencing real problems with flash flooding and water runoff,  the basic theory is this, more paving – more flash floods.  More soil – and the water soaks into the ground so less runoff (which is good), but add a range of plants and they will help reduce this even further – which is even better.


A well thought out front garden, will transform your house, it will say, ‘hey look here, independent thinker‘, it will also make your street or road so much nicer and it does encourage neighbourly chatting, which is a lovely thing. So go on, have a go – it will be worth it!


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