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Here’s a common gardening dilemma….

Many of you would love to have a more gorgeous garden but aren’t expert gardeners.

It’s hard to find out which plants to use or which plants to plant next to each other to create an attractive border that looks good but that doesn’t need too much looking after.

You would love the garden to be less boring, but you don’t know what to change.

Everything you find on the internet or in books doesn’t seem to help you decide what to do in your own garden.


Sound familiar?

PlantPlots was started in 2015 to help all ‘novice but eager gardeners’! The aim is to help you create the garden you’ve always wanted to have.

Everything we do is based around a few core principles;

  • Gardening should be enjoyable & not a chore
  • Your garden should make you feel happy
  • The garden should look good all year round AND be easy to maintain
  • It is your garden – it should do what you would like it to do
  • Your garden should not cost the earth

To help you with your garden we offer two services, ready-made border design ideas you can download in an instant and a bespoke design service.

PlantPlots Border Designs:

We understand that for the main part, you just want to know the plants in the border will ‘get on’ with each other, not try to take over the garden and will behave themselves!

The border designs we have created do just that.

Bee Bistro is free for you to download, so you can see what we do.

Visit the shop to view the full range of designs on offer.

All you need to do is decide on the design that best suits the space you have. Everything you need to know to create the design is right there in one handy plan!

It couldn’t be simpler – and all our instant designs are just £3.99 each. 

Design Service:

Once again, we aim to break the mould of standard garden design – we definitely do things differently!

  • We don’t even need to visit you; the design is created from your photographs
  • The design can be for the whole garden or just the part you want help with
  • Flexible design, we design what you actually need help with
  • Simple & affordable designs; you can create yourselves
  • We’ll email you a plan so you know exactly what to
  • We always use bee and butterfly friendly flowers in all our designs

The design package you receive details everything you need to know to create the garden.

We provide planting plans for existing gardens create a brand new design for all or part of the garden. We can even remodel the design of your garden using the plants you already have – it’s your choice; it’s your garden!

Because we don’t visit you, the cost of using our service is far more affordable than standard garden design. An average design price is just £250.

Think of our design  as a bit like a recipe for the garden. You’ll receive all the information and advice you need to create your garden, from what to change, how many plants to buy and where to put them and we’ll also tell you how to look after the plants afterwards.

We want you to have the garden you’ve wanted, without it costing the earth. With our design, you can create your garden to suit your budget and time frame. The designs can all be created using plants, seed and bulbs, for a faster transformation you can plant bigger plants or you may enjoy watching your garden emerge so would prefer to use smaller plants and more seeds and bulbs. The choice is all yours!

We really do make gardening easier – & it all starts with just a photo! 

Call us today on 07985 917767 for a no obligation chat or email us design@plantplots.com


About Founder; Rachel McCartain

I have been around horticulture all my life. My father owned a wholesale horticultural business during my school days, and a plant nursery in my student days. My Saturday job was spent weeding pots, trimming cut flowers and sorting through endless shelves of dried and artificial flowers.

During my student holidays I worked on the nursery, pricking out, potting on, weeding, watering and getting out orders on usually cold and wet but occasionally sunny days – and I hated it.  In fact, in one of my ‘what career would you like’ assessments I do remember writing that I would never do anything that involved horticulture ever!  So here we are, 20 years, a short career in BMW Finance and 3 children later, I find myself earning my crust ‘doing gardens’.

Much as it is very satisfying turning a weed infested jungle into a tamed tranquil place for a cup of something nice, I realised I preferred the design to the digging. Incidentally, my elbows and knees are in total agreement. The problem was always that there are a myriad of designers out there all looking to completely redo your garden for a fee – and I was looking to do something different.


So a couple of years ago, I hit on the idea of designing little bits of gardens instead of the whole thing in one go. Creating designs that everyone could use, at a reasonable price and for those who’d love a lovely garden but who aren’t expert gardeners.

So for the last couple of years, I have been creating PlantPlots designs for you to use in your garden. The designs use actual plant images, so it is easier to see what the PlantPlot will look like when it’s finished.

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I would love everyone to have a gorgeous garden, even though they may not be expert gardeners.

So let PlantPlots help transform your little patch into something better and we can all be happier gardeners!

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