A north facing front garden

A fairly typical front garden scene, but what do you see, what catches the eye and what does it say?

north facing front

You only see flat and up, your eye is drawn along the grass until it meets the wall, and there is a lot of flat ground.

The euonymous beside the entrance, the pale green/white leaves do lighten and break up the expanse of wall, but they do look a bit like they have been plonked there by accident.


The yellow pansies seem a bit dingy next to the shrub and they are too small really to be noticed. So what to do?


The easiest way is to show you;


norh facing makeover 


I have used 4 different plants from my Fab Fronts for north facing plots range, and created 2 small beds next to the garden path, you are now making more of a statement saying – “Come on in”.


All the plants used require very little maintenance, but the additions help attach the garden to the house, rather than before when it’s all a bit harsh.  


You could also look at placing a planter on the path near the door with an evergreen plants in it which would make the meter cupboards less of the main attraction