A lonely bed beside the pavement

 Small Garden Design: Don’t be dull!


One of the most common ‘mistakes’ is to make the border too narrow, so you end up planting everything in a straight line, usually at the same distance apart – the result is not very inspiring and looks a little unnatural.

Sort of ‘man vs nature – man wins.  With a little help, this could be so much more exciting to look at… and here’s how you do it!


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Firstly, please accept that my abilities come with understanding planting and not Photoshop editing, but you get the drift!


Easy greens 2


I have created a curve to the bed, so the lawn behind would now be oval, straight away it has a more natural look to it. There are 4 types of plant, from the Easy Green 1 design range, all of which will require very little maintenance through the year.


The border by the pavement now has a little more interest and your eyes tend to look at the oval shape of the grass, rather than the straight lines of the pavement.

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