A boring fence no more

 Small Garden Design: Don’t forget your Fences!


We all have them, surrounding our gardens. Sadly though, many regard fencing as ‘something that’s just there’ in the garden, but fences can really be used a wonderful backdrop to highlight the plants you have.

You wouldn’t forget to repaint the sitting room walls in your home, well the same applies outside, when you want to plant, think of a background colour that will really show your plants off too!

peoples gardens (33)   sage fence and prairies

The owner of this fence which is at the end of this garden has tried to pretty the small gap up between the path and fence with a few heathers, clearly then, they would like this area to look nice. But I think it could look a lot better!


If you look closely, the soil looks pretty baked and a bit naff, this picture was taken in the late spring, so it looks as though it gets quite a lot of sun. So we have, poor soil, a slope, sunshine and a dull fence, but how to transform it.


I have used plants from the Prairies range, these will all thrive in these conditions and all won’t really require any watering once they have had a chance to get going.


The fence is now a cool sage green, which contrasts with both the foliage of the grass and the flowers. These plants are all tactile, so no sharp spiky bits protrude onto the pavement.  Simple, pretty, cheap and easy to look after.


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