Verbena Bonariensis

Verbena B flower

Verbena Bonariensis:


Fashion, we all love following fashion, but some fashions aren’t worth following (showing your designer underpants for example) and some are.


Well this is a very fashionable plant that you have to be a follower of. It is so simple to grow, in fact it happily seeds itself about without any help from us.


It takes up no space, doesn’t flop, get eaten alive by every slug in the neighbourhood and nor does it require much looking after.

You plant, sow and let it grow.


Then when you have acquired lots, you will have every summer the most iridescent display of pinky purple flowers and you will attract every butterfly within sight to feed on them.


Tempted, you should be!


We’ve used them in:

giant garden prairies FF sun 1 FF noticed 1 towers

Verbena Bonariensis

What makes a good plant – well in my book,


ones that don’t get smothered with bugs,


one that has pretty, natural looking flowers,


one that grows up and doesn’t flop everywhere,


one that self seeds without becoming a pest,


one that I cut down only once a year and forget,


one that insects like to buzz around,


one that smells wonderful (this is the only bit it falls short on),


and one that has a wonderful colour and that works well with loads of other plants…..


You should be sold on it by now!


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