Galium Oderatum

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Galium Oderatum; Sweet Woodruff: 


This is not a plant for a rich soil and moist  border – unless you only want Galium to grow there. It is a great plant for forming a carpet of flowers in heavily shaded areas. Then it will carpet the whole space and produce lots of really pretty star like flowers.


With any plant that says ‘good for ground cover’ you must remember that the plant won’t know when it is supposed to stop growing, put it in the wrong place and you will have a permanent headache keeping it in check.


However, tough plants thrive in places others struggle to get going. This is what you use to your advantage, so plant it in an area that is shaded or under dense shrubs, water it regularly to start with to help it get going, and then you can enjoy the flowers later on.


We’ve used it in these designs:


white - wood plants -no sun