Cosmos Atrosanguineus

cosmos astrosanguineus flower

Cosmos Atrosanguineus:

Gardening is all about evoking a mood, you feel something when wandering around a beautiful garden – and this little flower really can evoke a mood.

Why, well because it smells of chocolate!  It’s not your Cadbury’s Dairy milk smell, more a subtle cocoa dusted chocolate truffle aroma. So are you tempted?

Technically, these plants are not supposed to survive the winter – however, the ones in my garden (on the south coast admittedly) have been in a really large deep pot for the last 6 years, they have endured frosts, snow and -15 degrees and they are still going. The key then, is  as much warm sun as possible and good drainage. The pot is also really thick, so the cold air doesn’t get to the roots – so my half hardy annual is a very definite perennial given the right spot!

As we all love a bit of chocolate, we’ve used them in:


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