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PlantPlots Design Service  


We make gardening easier – here’s how we can help.




Our mission is to help everyone get their garden looking gorgeous – without it costing the earth!


We have created a whole range of garden border designs you can download in an instant but if you would like something just for you – we can help too.


We can create a design for the whole of your garden or just the bit you want help with and all at a price that’s really affordable; our average garden design cost is just £150.


We don’t even need to visit your garden. 


It’s so simple and easy, all we need are a few photos and then we can get started!

So whether you’d like help with all of the garden or just some inspiration for around your patio, contact Rachel on 07985 917767.


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At PlantPlots we also believe gardens should not only look good, we believe they should do  good too – so we try to only use Bee and Butterfly friendly plants 

Prices £45 for areas up to 4 m squared, if the area is larger we’ll give you a quote you are happy with before we start. Average price per design approx £150.
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