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Here it is, your Free Garden Design!

Thank you for requesting this border design. We hope you enjoy creating it.

When you have finished planting your border with this design, do please send us a picture, we really would love to see what you have created!

You can upload pictures of your garden to our Facebook page or via email.

Thank you


The Boss

Your very own little Bee Bistro Plot

butterflies will also love this too.

bee bistro 1   bee bistro 3   bee bistro 2

We also have lots of other designs available to download and we can even create a little design just for you too.

Visit our Design shop and have a browse, you never know, you might just find something really good! Think of our designs as bit like having a recipe for the garden.

We have a fantastic 3 for 2 offer at the moment, and as all our ready made designs are under £10 each – you can get 3 for £19.98, delivered (almost) instantly by email – isn’t technology great!

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Help our Hedgehogs!

We need your help please, we are trying to get a UK petition raised in parliament to help our Hedgehogs. If all new house building had hedgehog holes in fences, hedgehogs wouldn’t need to try to cross our roads!

hedgehog petition

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